US Podcaster Wondery Taps TPX to Monetize Canadian Listenership


The Podcast Exchange (TPX) has inked a deal with the US podcast network Wondery to sell their inventory in Canada. With TPX as a partner, Wondery will benefit from the advanced metrics and geo-targeting necessary to ensure they derive maximum revenue from the Canadian portion of their audience. 

For Wondery CEO, Hernan Lopez, TPX is an ideal strategic partner in Canada. “With TPX designing the right advertising mix for our Canadian audience, we can look after what we do best, building the premier destination for immersive storytelling.” 

“Wondery has a great catalogue of material with an engaged Canadian audience,” said TPX CEO Jean-Marie Heimrath. “Our team will ensure they get the best possible ROI from the Canadian segment of their growing global listenership.” 

Billing itself as a “A Network of Storytellers”, Wondery is an industry leader in Podcast content, with highly popular titles like Business Wars and Dirty John, an investigative podcast soon to become a Bravo television series. Backed with investment from 20th Century Fox, Wondery is building an extensive on-demand network focused on mobile users. 

For TPX, bringing Wondery onboard is another proof point in a business model designed to provide superior monetization of Canada’s burgeoning podcast market. 

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