Canadian podcast research: Sneak peek offered at RAIN conference

Hot off the presses, the Canadian Podcast Listener 2018 report reveals new insights about attitudes to podcast advertising, listening trends and growth, new podcast listeners, smart speakers, favourite podcasts and much more. s about advertising, the habits of new listeners, smart speakers, growth trends, favourite podcasts and so much more. 


Audience Insights Inc's Jeff Vidler and TPX's Jeff Ulster will be presenting highlights about podcast advertising from the study, sponsored by TPX, at the inaugural RAIN conference in Toronto on October 10th.

More than 1,500 monthly podcast listeners were deeply surveyed for this extraordinary consumer research profile. 

While the focus of the presentation is advertising, Vidler and Ulster have released some early findings that give us a new perspective on new podcast listeners and their habits:

INFOGRAPHIC on new podcast listeners:

Blog: Breaking down the barriers of the podcast club

For more information on RAIN Summit Canada, including the full agenda as well as registration info, visit their website:

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